Many of the images on this web site were created on trips. The journey is as much a part of the photographs as the pictures themselves. The images are a response to being in a time and place seen in a particular way. A sojourn is a temporary but sometimes extended stay.

Travel is a great opportunity to see oneself differently and to come back from a trip changed. Decisions made about where to go, traveling companions, what to see, where to stay and how to take in the landscape have an impact on the images that emerge.

From time to time specific images and trips will be discussed here. In addition, we will use this page to let you know about art fairs and exhibitions.

The image below, Rooftops, France was taken on a trip to the French and Spanish countryside in mid summer. It was a celebration of a friend’s significant birthday. One of her desires on this trip was to visit a castle. Near the end of the trip we found ourselves in the Pyrenees of France, a mountainous, lushly green region on the way back to Barcelona from Provence. Driving through the town of Foix we had seen an abandoned castle on a hillside. We were staying in a bed and breakfast, on a high hillside looking out at the valley below, at the end of the road featured in the image, Road to the End of the World. The next morning, we ventured back down the road to town, and climbed the path to the castle. The view of the town was splendid, the surrounding hills, a bridge and a river through town. But what struck me was the pattern of clay tile roofs below. Approaching and leaving Europe almost always brings this image, seeing the red roofs approaching, or growing smaller in departure. I took one frame of what is for me an essence of European travel.

Art Fairs & Events - 2006
Old Capital Art Fair
Springfield, IL
May 20 (10-5), 21 (10-4)
Webster Groves Arts & Air
Webster Groves, MO
June 2 (6-10), 3 (10-10),
4 (12-5)
Central West End Art Fair & Taste
St.Louis, MO
June 10 (10-8), 11 (10-6)
Queeny Park Art Fair
Queeny Park
Art Outside
Schlafly Bottleworks,
Maplewood, MO
Historic Shaw Art Fair
Flora Place, St. Louis, MO
Unique Boutique,
John Burroughs
John Burroughs School,
St. Louis, MO
Holiday Open House
1023 Louisville, St. Louis MO