I have been taking photographs for more than twenty years, but did not begin displaying them until 1995. Although I have no formalized training in art or photography; I have always had an interest in all forms of art and studied some art history in college. Through my travels I have had the opportunity to visit a wide variety of museums and continue a personal study of art.

The photographs are taken with a Nikon 35 mm camera and more recently with a medium format Mamiya 7 II range finder. I use Agfa slide film almost exclusively for my work because I like the rich warm colors. All R prints and Ilfochromes are by two laboratories carefully supervised to insure uniformity and quality. I mount and mat the work with acid free materials. The work focuses primarily on detail and perspective of what are often quite ordinary scenes or objects. My hope is that the viewer will see the scene in a new way, that the photograph will elicit an emotional response on the part of the viewer, and create a true sense that you could enter the picture.

All of the photographs are printed full frame, and are not cropped or computer enhanced in any way. For me, photography is a way of seeing, and the image taken must be taken as a whole, artistically, to merit printing.

My other work is in the areas of career and organization development. I have been working with people in career transition, employment and hiring for over twenty years. Many of my clients are from the professions and specifically law firms.